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Modell Charter School ERP Quality Management Plan
Lamont Fletcher BUS4092
Project Management II

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The purpose of the Quality Management Plan (QMP) is to provide a broad framework for implementing quality assurance on the Modell Charter School ERP Implementation project to ensure the project is successful. The plan is meant for the project stakeholders and the project team members. This plan will cover the project for all stages of the project life cycle of the Modell Charter School ERP Implementation. The QMP will outline the quality control (QC), assurance (QA) and continuous improvement process
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The Project Management and Quality Management Teams (QMT) will perform QA activities as described later in the QMP and ensure the entire project team adheres to the framework.
Perform Quality Control Activities The Quality Management Team will make sure that quality is measured, monitored and defects identified, and corrective action is taken. The project team will perform formal work product and deliverable review actions, and formal testing activities as outline in the project schedule and the QA documents. Other functionality requirements like trace-ability activities that are identified in the methodology and tasked in the project schedule are also Quality Control processes that will assist in monitoring project results to make sure they comply with system user needs and expectations. The project risk management is another quality control activity that will be used on this project.
Implementing corrective actions and Process Improvement The project team will identify faults and ensure they are rectified and that the chance of the fault recurring is minimized. Corrective actions must address the root cause of the fault to design quality and process, and may include updating the quality control activities where appropriate to assist in better identifying faults. When faults in design approaches, specifications and final development, configuration will be corrected, and the root cause
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