Quality Management Essay

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Executive Summary This report shows the use of Quality management techniques that are essential in the growth of performance in the field of manufacturing and services in business firms. Effective quality management can underpin organizational success. It is a field that is relatively new and growing market as it developed from the 1920s gradually to the contemporary society. Originating from principles of quality control that were the initial stages of the growth of the business, the idea has given growth to the standards of estimation of management standards like the ISO certification that most organizations pursue. The major areas that have stimulated quality management concern the satisfaction of the final consumer, continuous…show more content…
Since most organizations have given credible emphasis on high performance, a lot of resources have been invested in the various efforts to ensure the improvement in the quality management thus has become a major concern of these organizations. The high rates of globalization has caused a rise in expectations of the customers due to access to information, improvement of technology as well as increase in standards of service delivery and the spring of many organizations. Therefore businesses and companies can only survive on commitment to great service delivery.
The world has availed systems that help organizations to analyze the performance of a firm while putting the necessary checks and balances as well as mechanisms on how to deal with the risks that might be encountered. When they are put in place, the company secures a good reputation and competes favorably in the market. The central focus of current economic trends in relation to quality management has been on there areas namely; the final consumer, the empowerment of the employees, the sustainability of growth patterns in the organizations and the impact that every decision has on the environment (Harrington, 1995, pp. 34-56).

Evolution of Quality Management
Quality management has been in existence an area of interest since the 1920’s when the emphasis
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