Quality Management Plan For An Organization Meets The Quality Standards For The Product

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INTRODUCTION Quality management makes sure that the organization meets the quality standards for the product. It has four main components: • Quality planning • Quality control • Quality assurance • Quality improvement Quality management includes identifying and utilizing the Quality model that comprises of the below functions : • Plan: How you plan to achieve your objectives • Do: How do you execute strategies for coming to objectives • Study: How to you use information to decide viability • Act: How do you perform strategies as expected to achieve objectives Quality Management Plan includes the below information : • Depict your business (like a strategy for success) 1. Who you are ? 2. What you do and for whom ?…show more content…
External Quality Assurance (EQA) : This is performed by an domain expert or a member of the technical excellence group outside of the project.Test cases are wirtten and validated. Final Inspection(FI) : A person fom the stakeholder group who has the knowledge of entire business functionality will perform final Inspection. Before the QA phases and handling it to the QA team for testing,development team does a series of testing mentioned below which ensures quality and requirements are met. Unit Testing Unit Testing is done on individual modules as they are completed and become executable. It is confined only to the designer 's requirements. Each module can be tested using the following two Strategies Black Box Testing In this strategy some test cases are generated as input conditions that fully execute all functional requirements for the program. This testing has been uses to find errors in the following categories: • Incorrect or missing functions • Interface errors • Errors in data structure or external database access • Performance errors •
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