Quality Management Project

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Executive Summary iConsultant is committed to implementing appropriate quality management systems and processes to enable the delivery of the highest practicable quality products and services. Dyson Limited engaged iConsultant to strategize a total quality transformation for the company to overcome its current quality challenges and hone its competitiveness in the world market. An analysis and study is carried out on Dyson product and market profile to derive a quality management plan by utilizing the following quality management tool. * Root Cause Analysis * SWOT Analysis * Matrix Data Analysis * Affinity Diagram * Relationship Diagram * Matrix Diagram * Arrow Diagram * Tree Diagram * Process…show more content…
By 2015 Dyson is aiming have a strong base in the markets as shown below Figure 1: Map of Dyson’s presence around the world Dyson first target countries with high income customers (represented by yellow) like US, Europe and Japan. Currently, Dyson is trying to go into other market segments like Asia and Middle East (represented by orange) which has a growing class of affluent consumers. The company has major branches in US, UK, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore. Dyson’s main competitors are consumer appliance brands like Philips Electronics, General Electric and Panasonic. Unlike most of its competitors, Dyson is relatively small and focuses on only 4 products. For its new product, the bladeless fan, not only is Dyson competing with established brands such as KDK and Mistral, but also portable air conditioning companies such as Daikin and Sanyo. 2.5 Financial information In FY2011, Dyson achieved sales of US $3 Billion. The breakdown by products is as follows: Figure 2: Breakdown of sales in FY 2011 The bulk of the revenue still comes from vacuum but percentage share of revenue contributed by bladeless fan has been increasing much faster than other segments. Management aims to increase bladeless fan’s revenue from US$390 Million to US$1 Billion by 2017. 2.6 Product Profile In 2009, Dyson Ltd. introduced its new range of bladeless fan products. This innovative and sleekly designed high-end product revolutionize
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