Quality Management System

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ABSTRACT: This paper describes the Quality Management System (QMS) concept and its application in the construction industry. A misunderstanding among the construction players on the QMS concept has become the stumbling block for its successful implementation. QMS could be implemented either at the company level or at the project level. The researches on the company-based QMS in construction can be considered as comprehensive in view of the various aspects of implementation have been studied. While many studies have been done on the company-based QMS, study on the project-based QMS is lagging behind. Notwithstanding the claims that the construction organisations enjoyed the benefits and
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Integrated PQP QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN CONSTRUCTION ISO 8402, the vocabulary of quality defined quality management as “all activities of the overall management function that determine the quality policy, objectives and responsibilities, and implement them by means such as quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement, within the quality system”. Meanwhile, the definition of quality system according to ISO 8402 is “the organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures and resources needed to implement quality management”. Combining the definitions of ‘quality system’ and ‘quality management’ thus concludes that QMS is the interaction of people, processes and documentation to meet both customers’ stated and implied needs. The result would be a reduction in inefficiencies and waste, improved work practices, increased morale and the opportunity for a greater market share. All these benefits are achieved through the implementation of QMS which ones should perceive it as a wide-scale failure prevention programme that will lead to costs savings.



Company Based QMS The industry had lived in the quality programme of inspection and quality control for years. Construction materials and construction works were accepted or rejected base on the inspection and quality control. However, the


introduction of BS 5750: Quality Systems in the UK in 1980’s had changed the perception of the construction industry’s
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