Quality Management System For Coventry University Library

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The `Know IT` (Knowledge intergration ) quality management system for coventry university library

Higher education intuitions have always resisted total quality management, quality management systems were perceived as incompatible with the academic culture. However, universities have become market driven, so in order to compete on a global scale and attract international students, they had to establish quality management systems to set themselves apart from the competition.
It has become explicit that students were choosing universities based on quality; this has a very subjective definition as quality means different things to people.
One crucial department universities should focus their efforts in implementing a quality management system is the library as, this is the knowledge hub of the university and it’s the place where students will spend most of their time. University libraries have adopted the principles of total quality management by implementing quality management systems such as the ISO 9001 and similar management systems. They all seem to have recurring themes of managing process as a system and a great deal emphasis on the total quality philosophy of knowing your customer and ultimately meeting their requirements. These quality systems place particular emphasis on documentation. They are all quite generic, so there’s still a lack of a quality management system that is specific to higher education libraries. A quality management system was…

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