Quality Management System For Iso 9001

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1.0 Introduction For any business standards are very important. If a business is unable to follow standards or does not use them, a numerous amount of problems will arise. There are many types of standards that state a number of different things a business must do in order to remain open and legal, but some are hard and can cost businesses a lot of money. ISO 9001 is a standard that aims to improve businesses quality management. This aims to improve the way a business implements quality within their products. It is so a business is able to make products using the same quality standards so each product would not have to go through a number of different procedures. The 5 main points of ISO 9001 are: • Quality Management system • Management Responsibility • Resource Management • Measurement, analysis and improvement • Product Realisation (Ray Tricker, 2005) ISO 9001 2.0 Origins ISO 9001 was first released in 1994 but it is derived from ISO 9000 which was originally released in 1987. When first released it had a number of problems and was recognised as being largely incomplete. It was only then revised in 1994 and got rid of the majority of problems but still had major loopholes. Due to this businesses were able to make substandard products and still follow ISO 9000 rules. Which showed that the only major problem was to do with quality. Most business were failing to see the point of all this and why they were having to increased man power and have finance stress just to
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