Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

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Wal-Mart’s Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction
December 5, 2010
Dr. Olivia Herriford

Wal-Mart’s Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction
One organization that has become successful in many aspects of satisfaction and quality is Wal-Mart. This organization started out providing basic products to customers during certain hours of the day and evening, and then expanded the become Wal-Mart Supercenters by also providing groceries and becoming a 24-hour establishment. By making these changes in their organization, Wal-Mart has provided superior satisfaction to both its internal and external customers. To better understand Wal-Mart’s level of quality and customer satisfaction, Learning Team C has
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Vision and Mission Statement
Wal-Mart bases it operations on integrity and customer satisfaction. In order to uphold these two main objectives Wal-Mart has developed a vision and mission statement along with guiding principles that incorporate quality principles. Wal-Mart’s mission statement is to maintain the highest quality in products and customer service, while treating its employees like family. In order to incorporate values and principles within the organization, Wal-Mart strives to always maintain a high level of loyalty to both its customers and its employees. To stay loyal to both customers and employees, Wal-Mart uses core values such as integrity, loyalty, top service, equality, and honesty. Wal-Mart’s vision is to uphold these values and principles to keep a large flow of customers into their stores throughout the country.
Wal-Mart believes that in order to keep satisfied customers and employees, the organization has to present high quality products and low prices, and show both customer and employee appreciation at all times. To ensure this vision stays intact, Wal-Mart has open suggestions boards open to stay informed on what its customers and employees would like to see within their stores. Wal-Mart believes that the public and their employee family have a right to have the best products and services to help them live their daily lives.
Strategic Plan and Strategic Objectives With Wal-Mart being one of the leading retail industries
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