Quality Of Care, And Patient Safety Matters

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PART 1 Quality of care, and patient safety matters. Quality of care does not happen overnight; it is a system that an organization creates to measure, assess, and improve performance. This quality management system is a set of interrelated or interacting elements that organizations use to direct and control the implementation of quality policies and achieve quality objectives (Spath, 2013). For more than 60 years, The Joint Commission has been a champion of patient safety by helping health care organizations to improve the quality and safety of the care they provide (The Joint Commission, 2015). One of the healthcare organizations that has experienced a less than desirable quality of performance is the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). This report will discuss the key principal(s) in which VHA demonstrated a less than desirable quality of performance; the type of organizational culture that exist; performance measurement tools utilized; and, lastly, the primary stakeholders responsible for the reorganization. VHA is committed to improve patient quality, and safety. In developing, and implementing the National Center for a Patient Safety (NCPS) program in 1999 for the reduction, and prevention of accidental harm to patients as a result of their care; a report brief, “To Err is Human” was published by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) which brought national attention to the problem of adverse events in health care, including the fact that these adverse events caused
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