Quality Of Care Trends Case Study

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According to the GAO, “Initial Results Show Modest Effects on Medicare Payments and No Apparent Change in Quality-of-Care Trends”. Has Value Based Purchasing been a success based on the resources provided in this course? In Spite of very little change in Quality of care trends, I would feel that VBP has been more successful than the data would demonstrate. Some of this is impression is anecdotal. Having had the opportunity to work at 2 community hospitals, one 60 bed and one 200 bed, I have personally seen a change in the culture produced by VBP. It is true that both these hospitals fall in the categories were hospitals have done relatively well with regard to penalties and incentives under VBP. As we monitor our data we have seen a decrease in readmissions, HAC, and improvement in overall processes. These changes have not only occurred with our data but there has clearly…show more content…
As the GAO points out there were significant improvement before the implementation of VBP, and there was noted to be an improvement in the IQR data. I believe this shows that hospitals such as mine were ahead of the curve and already starting to make changes based on IQR data in preparation for VBP, knowing that quality would soon be tied with…show more content…
Two areas where there has been positive outcome include; heart attack and heart failure. If you look only at the time period of VBP these areas appear to have little improvement but when taking into consideration the data extending back to 2006 and 2007, there is significant improvement with the initiation of IQR. This data cannot be separated from the VBP data, as this may be consider a ramp up period. How should healthcare organizations and the federal government remain committed to an initiative that has not yet made considerable
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