Quality Of Life Analysis

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The World Health Organization’s quality of life survey allowed me to explore the meaning of well-being in my life. From physical health and psychological health to social relationships and environmental health, many aspects of well-being were assessed and examined. I learned that well-being in not just ones physical well-being but an accumulation of physical health, psychological health, social relationships, and environmental health. I did, however, find that the assessment did not completely analyze the well-being of my life and others. For example, the questions were often ambiguous and I did not completely understand all off them. With more specification to the questions a more accurate assessment could have been taken. I also believe that a few essential…show more content…
Adjusting to my life as a college freshman is stressful and this could account for physical and psychological health being my lowest domains. From making new friends to adjusting to a new environment with different social customs, things are just different and it takes its toll on my physical and psychological state of well-being. Although, it is also important to note that a transformed score of 14 out of 20 is still relatively high and I would consider my overall state of well-being to be very good and above average as compared to the majority of the world. My two highest domains tied with scores of 16 out of 20 are social and environmental health. I would also attribute this to my new college environment. Being in college allows me to constantly have social interactions and thus improves my social relationships. My environmental quality is also improved by being in the college setting because of my access to financial resources, freedom, transportation, etc. Overall, being in the college environment has both negative and positive impacts on my well-being, as any situation in life
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