Quality Of Life As A Subjective Evaluation Or Multi Hierarchical Construction Essay

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What is Quality of Life? In what different ways can we think about it?

Quality of life has been increasingly used as concept in contemporary social commentaries and for policy makers across different countries.This essay aims to clarify the definition and weigh the pros and cons of the measurements.First,diverse definitions of quality of life are compared and the necessity of measuring quality of life is discussed.Secondly,the strengths and deficiencies of the existing measurements are analyzed.Then,whether evaluating the quality of life is successful or problematic and to what extent can it be improved is debated.

The definition of quality of life has been argued as equivocal and with vague boundaries.Though the definition varies from cultures or even within one culture from fields to fields, they share common hallmarks while differences lie in whether quality of life is a subjective evaluation or multi-hierarchical construction.(Suchorzepka and Nasiłowska,2004)According to Meeberg(1993)There were four major factors when defining the quality of life. The first aspect was described as whether an individual has a general feeling of satisfaction,while the second and third approach made subdivisions for the first factor.The second element was summarized as whether an individual had the mental capacity to make self-assessment as being satisfied or not.If so ,the physical and psychological health situation of him which the individual referred to was adopted to evaluate his
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