Quality Of Patient Satisfaction In Hospitals. Introduction.

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Quality of Patient Satisfaction in Hospitals
As the Ontario Health Care System faces several challenges, it becomes necessary for organizations and providers to join together and meet the health care needs of the citizens. As the ministry of health and long term care have encountered several different concerns over the past decade. With rising issues such as low quality service and patient dissatisfaction, transparency in the health care system becomes questionable.
With society responsible for the structure of the system, there is potential for a decrease in the number of concerns that arise in hospitals. For instance, by improving access, connecting with patients, supporting patients, and protecting all citizens would help
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The Din family believes that this due to inadequate care on the doctors and practitioners part, who were treating their child. Though the hospital denied all allegations, Cara Francis, a hospital spokesperson, issued a statement on behalf of William Osler, stating that “‘Unfortunately, we didn’t meet our standards in this case, and we have apologized to the family’” (Casey, 2014). This is ironic because it is their job to provide the utmost care for the patient and provide all the necessary resources to make sure the procedure it done without any complications. Incidence such as this raises questions in the general public regarding the issue of trust and whether the hospital can be trusted in the act of providing the best services. This brings attention to that the Cara Francis the hospital spokesperson apologies due to the lack of services that were provided and improving the health care facility would be in the best interest of all citizens.
Many Canadians believe in a much sustainable system, one that does not harm the general public. Having unfortunate tragedies like this one can obstruct people’s perception of the health care system as a whole, and create a state of mistrust between citizens and those whose job is to help us in sickness. For this reason, it is important for the Ontario Ministry of Health to strengthen the system by recruiting more workers, providing more
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