Quality Of Quality Assessment And Management

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Quality Assessment and Management
Healthcare facilities have a legal and moral obligation to provide the high quality patient care, (Huber, 2014). The Quality Management team’s goal will be to continually strive to improve the care their organization delivers. In order for this to be achieved their must goals and objectives to work towards. The success of these goals and objectives are dependent upon The Quality Management Structure of the organization. With proper implementation and management of the quality care initiative, the organization should an improvement in patient safety and clinical outcomes.
Organization’s Quality Program Goals and Objectives.
The purpose, and role of quality assurance team in the healthcare field is to ensure that proper guidelines and standards are followed, ((Parand, Dopson, Renz, & Vincent, 2014). The goals within my organization are as followed, ensuring safety to all patients served. Another goal is to provide patient centered care, by being receptive to the patient’s needs. The goal of patient satisfaction is also priority. Patient satisfaction is achieve by providing open honest relationships, and effective quality of care when collaborating with the team. The organization has numerous objectives in place to help achieve these goals However, the primary goal of the quality assurance team is to strive for continual quality improvement.
Organization’s Quality Management Structure
Within our organization there is a formal Quality…
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