Quality Of Quality Management Process

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The Quality Management process is a set of procedures that are followed to ensure that deliverables that are produced by a team that comply with standards. The start of a Quality Management process involves setting quality levels, which agree with the customer. Quality Assurance along with Quality Control Process are measured and reported to the actual quality of deliverables. Part of the Quality Management Processes are quality issues are identified and resolved quickly. A Quality Management Process should be implemented anytime you want to improve the quality of your work. By implementing a Quality Management Process, you will ensure that your team’s output meets the expectations of the customer.
To identify what improvements are
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The request will start planning activities that may result in a written approach on when and how to complete the assessment. A Quality Team will produce the plan based on what is requested, combined with best practices for performing a quality assessment.
• Comparative Analysis – is the act of determining the consistency in the information obtained with the audits. The comparison will expose problems that are not obvious within individual audit results. The likes of potential communication problems among project with individual audit results, like potential communication problems among project members. Which can expose to understanding the scope of the problem and the severity of the problem.
• Combinatorial Analysis – A combinatorial analysis is the process of combining the different audit results. New quality issues may not be exposed, providing a macro view of individual quality assessments are made. A quality audit of a scope document may determine that the document is meeting all associated quality standards are met. An assessment of the document distribution process may indicate that several documents are returned with an incomplete tag. Combining the results of the audits, will determine that the quality standards may need to be improved to meet the customer/deliverable requirements.

Now the tools that will facilitate the processes are:
• Informal and formal meetings – The informal meetings are open
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