Quality Of Teaching : The United States

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Nguyen Vo
Professor Jacobson
English 111
2 November 2014

Quality of teaching in the United States When I came to the United States one year ago, I thought that I would study in one of the best educational system in the world because there are many famous universities such as
Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University. However, Malcolm Gladwell, a Canadian journalist, showed me that the United States has low quality education because of low quality of teaching. I believe that the United States has a great need to improve its teaching because education is to be valued highly in this country. When the kids go to school, The quality of their teachers is the most important factor for how well the kids learn. Having good teachers is important for all kids, especially kids who are falling behind. Eric Hanushek, an economist at Stanford, shows that those who are taught by a good teacher can make as much as a year and a half’s worth of progress in a single year. The kids will close the achievement gap. Also, they will catch up faster. But how do we know who is a good teacher? How do we find the best teachers, attract them to school? How do schools help teachers do the best job? How should they reward them? In fact, some schools are working on seeking and rewarding the best teachers. In addition, other schools are looking for better ways to evaluate teachers and help them enhance performance. For example, the Joyce Foundation supports

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