Quality Packaging Shipping ( Qps )

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Zach Frontine Mike Kerekes BMGT 1010 Final Project December 16, 2015 Company Name: Quality Packaging Shipping (QPS) Industry: Express Delivery Service Mission Statement: Providing customers with the quality services of picking up and dropping off packages efficiently and effectively. Management: • Zach’s Part: CFO, Chief Financial Officer (Marketing Plan, Social Networking, Finance Plan) • Mike’s Part: Division Manager (Tasks of Each Person and Each Individual 's Skills) • Jim’s Part: Human Resource Manager Tasks of Each Individual: • Planning: Zach is in charge of planning the direction of the company, and how the company is portrayed to customers. This includes marketing to try to get as many customers as possible. • Organizing: One of Mike’s responsibilities is to manage the employees at QPS. He decides when we need to hire new employees, and what departments these new members of the company will work in based upon their strong suits and abilities. • Directing: Another one of Mike’s responsibilities is to manage package loads and to take them to a centralized location making it easily accessible to all employees for packaging, and distribution to satisfy needs of the customer. • Staffing: Jim’s responsibility as Human Resource Manager is to take action in regards to hiring and firing as directed by Mike. He manages the simple steps such as drug testing, background checks, and the basic interview process. • Controlling: Mike and Zach as co-executives of QPS work

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