Quality Planning and Quality Assurance Essay

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What is quality Management activities and function involved in determination of quality policy and its implementation through means such as quality planning and quality assurance including quality control. Quality management principals to all areas of business from starting (design) t end (delivery) and confining them only for production activities. Significance of quality is ,to increased revenue and market share and through this it gives fast response to market opportunities. It helps to improve customer loyalty too. It is also helps to improve organization’s resources for customer satisfaction. They follow lots of procedure to maintain the quality of a certain product. group members often work on designing which creates workflows to…show more content…
In the traded sector measure of competitiveness including firm profitability. Competitive advantages is an organization when organization producing and providing same value as it competitors but at a lower price, or also can charge higher prices by providing good value through differentiation. To compete with competitors organization have to launch high definition of product so that they can capture the market, through which shareholders will gain high margin of profit. It also helps to increase revenue as well as loyalty of customer to buy that certain product. If an organization failed to improve the quality of the product then the rival company will capture the whole market towards them such as Nokia was famous for mobile phone but now a days they failed to capture the market as they failed to satisfy customers’ needs. Relationship between quality and competitiveness Companies that used to complete only on local, regional, or national level then they find lots of competing against companies throughout the world at each successive level of competition the quality of the competitors increases. Only those company can compete, who are able to produce world class quality. Reducing the costs associated with poor quality is mandatory for companies that hope t compete in market place. The relationship between quality and competitiveness depends on what kind of produce has launch by organization.
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