Quality Practices in Modern China Essay

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Quality Practices in Modern China Issue 1. Do you see any parallels between today’s Modern China and post-World War 2 Japan? What differences are evident? Parallels • Both cultures are rich and traditional, unified or nationalistic, and have similar religions, and values (Padmalingam, 2002). • Rapid urbanisation – the move from an agricultural based society to a manufacturing (and thus urbanised) society. • Democratisation – from a centralised government to capitalist, moving from an insular to outward looking culture. • Both Japan and China have imported their technology, relying upon imitating the inventions and ideas of others. This is changing however as modern quality management is embraced. • Preference for high growth over…show more content…
He states that Japan used market capitalism to pursue individual and corporate material wealth. However, China has been far more conservative approach having evolved from Mao Zedong’s planned socialism towards a “functional market socialism”. Further Japan appears to have adopted a far more western attitude more readily in comparison to China. Also, China is growing within an era of huge technological and world rapid political change. Japan, in the 1950’s to the 1980’s was operating in an era where change was not as rapid. Issue 2. What opportunities does China have to learn from the progress made in quality in Japan and the West over the past half-century? The 20th century philosopher George Santayana (1905, p.284) stated "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Indeed, history is a great educator. Therefore, China has every opportunity to learn from the progress made in quality in Japan and the West. Evans and Lindsay’s case study (2014, p.387) itself identifies various obstacles that China will need to overcome, such as pollution, limited infrastructure, immature banking systems etc. China will be able to develop its own systems, processes and paradigms on the back of all the hard work carried out by the Japanese and Americans since WW2 in the quality field. It is obvious that China has embraced quality. According to a 2010 survey conducted
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