Quality Web Design Essay

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Quality Web Design (QWD)
Security Weaknesses

Steve Gelin
Submitted to: Jack Sibrizzi
SE571: Principles of Information Security and Privacy
Keller Graduate School of Management
Submitted: 8/25/2012

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
Company Overview 3
Security Vulnerabilities 3
Software Vulnerabilities 4
Hardware Vulnerabilities 4
Recommended Solutions 5
A Hardware Example Solution 5
A Software Example Solution 5
Impact on Business Processes 5
Summary 5
References 6

Executive Summary
My paper focuses on a security assessment of Quality Web Design (QWD), which is a very successful company that is well-known for its magnificent and appealing websites; they work
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Remotely utilizing these programs or software out of the company will cause QWD to be exposed to attacks from the internet. But not only that, employees put the utilization of corporate equipment such as desktops, laptops & mobile devices (iPhones and Windows Mobile 6) in very harmful situations that the company will pay for dearly later as time progress.
Having these equipment listed it is possible to incur outside attacks from the internet while utilizing the company intranet resource on a remote computer that is not protected. As I’ve read the different equipment listed within the QWD company it seems that there employee laptops, & mobile devices are being used unprotected over the internet which could lead to situations such as Trojan horses and email worms.
For example Microsoft Exchange 2007 email servers has a well-known vulnerability that could allow remote code execution, this vulnerability can allow an attacker to take control of your affected system with Exchange Server service account privileges or the attacker could just disable your services within Microsoft Exchange completely.
Hardware Vulnerabilities
The same can be said for the companies hardware systems listed such as their iPhones and Windows Mobile 6, these hardware devices that employees of QWD are devices that can easily be hacked by an outside user for example
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