Quality of Care Exercise

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THLEAD 420 Quality of Care Exercise When comparing nursing homes located in Washington at Medicare.gov the two facilities that I am comparing is Park Rose and Tacoma Lutheran Home (TLH). When looking at the results for Park Rose the number of total residents is ninety and the total number of licensed nurse staff per resident per day is one hour and forty-eight minutes. I think for a facility of this type, where elderly patients are living, that the time nursing staff spends with the residents is on average compared to the rest of Washington State. If I were to pay for a facility like this for a family member of mine I would want nursing staff to spend more hours per day with my loved one. Although, I do know that a nurse’s time is…show more content…
When comparing the three hospitals around our area I looked for the lowest percentages and that seemed to be patients who reported that the area around their room was “always” quiet at night. All seemed to be pretty low compared to all other categories with Harrison at 40% St. Joes at 46% and Tacoma General with the highest at 54%. This category is important to me since sleep helps heal the body and with a facility not being quiet enough, especially at night, make it harder for people to heal and start feeling better. This is important to the Department of Health because all overall patient care is important and sleep is another way of being able to provide quality patient care. Viewing the tabs on the left of this website I had one outcome stand out to me and was a key difference among the hospitals and that was Tacoma General mortality rates of care was worse than U.S. national rate. Comparing this to the other two hospitals they both are the same as the U.S average. Tacoma General also seems to have to most payment from Medicare for 158 Medicare patients I think if a hospital was receiving that amount of money per Medicare patient their heart failure mortality rate would be
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