Quality of Care and Aging in America Essay

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Organizational Responsibility and Current Health Care Issues HCS545 February 20, 2012 This paper will analyzes and describes how quality of care is affected by organizational culture, structure, governance and social responsibility. It will describe how the evaluation of the organizational structure affected decisions, what resources should be allocated to prevent ethical issues and what strategies are in place to prevent these issues. There are many negative issues facing the health care organizations and it has deeply affected the country. The prime examples of these issues include the aging in America and the quality of care. The dying patients do not get the quality of care when they are seeking medical attention and this has…show more content…
The structure of an organization is very important because it determines the different roles and how all the departments perform. The organizational structure consists of a group of people that works together to achieve the goals that are implemented. As mentioned by Imhof & Kaskie (2008), communication is very important in the health care organizations that have complex organizational structures. Most of the employees are not able to communicate clearly and this can lead to conflicts which block the employees from providing the quality care the patients need. Allocation of Resources Healthcare organizations do not contribute to the society’s welfare and impact the society positively therefore the relationship with the stakeholders is poor. With a poor relationship, this causes conflict between the patient and the doctor. Enough financial resources should be allocated to prevent quality of care issues and improve the quality of care to the patients. The moneys allocated can be used to purchase equipments that are beneficial to the care of the patients. There are many issues when it comes to the allocation of resources and should be cost effective to ensure the health benefits of those in the community that are being treated. If the allocations of the resources are not done correctly it can affect the community. Human resources should allocate financial resources to eliminate the shortage of doctors and nurses which has affected the performance and

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