Essay on Quality of Life and Functioning for End of Life Care

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Quality of Life and Functioning for End of Life Care. HAT2 Community Health Nursing. Western Governors University. Competency 725.8.5: Quality of Life and Functioning - The graduate selects nursing actions during illness and end-of-life stages to maximize quality of life and functioning for individuals, families, and communities; promotes wellness principles and programs for individuals, families, and communities; and reflects on how personal beliefs or perceptions about quality of life and health promotion impact approaches or decisions in nursing care. Quality of Life and Functioning Alice Collins Western Governor’s University Death and dying are extremely personal experiences with an…show more content…
The process of communication and connectedness is enhanced by stimulating both the visual and auditory synapses of the brain. Mrs. Thomas’s feelings of support may be increased by the knowledge of a set time to communicate and being able to see and hear her sons. This approach will also allow her to present herself in a way that may alleviate her feelings of being a burden should she choose to do so. This will also allow her sons to take a more active role in supporting her by providing them a middle ground between phone calls and physical visits. The hope is that this will increase their comfort and exposure with the situation and, therefore, increase their proclivity for physical visits. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas have a reluctance to ask for support from friends and coworkers. An intermediate stepping stone may be setting up a social network site in which to give updates and allow friends and coworkers to offer support and services. This can also be accomplished through churches or other groups the Thomas’s were previously or actively involved with. Psychologically, it allows the Thomas’s to maintain their sense of self-reliance by providing information about their situation without expectations of support. This allows people to be supportive in a variety of capacities and at various levels. Due to Mrs. Thomas’ inability to continue working and her lack

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