Quality of Secondary Education for Immigrants in the United States

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Immigration has been a part of American history ever since the United States was founded. American schools were built on the foundation of European traditions that have come to be problematic due to the increased number of immigrants from different regions of the world. There have been recent arguments over the quality of education migrants, legal and illegal, are receiving in secondary education. There are various differences amongst legal and illegal immigrants’ education in the United States that are controlled by environmental situations that alter achievement in the classroom. In this decade, what are school administrators doing in secondary education to prepare immigrants students to go to college, when these students are…show more content…
In a study comparing the achievements of first and second generational Mexican and Chinese immigrants, the researchers found that “children’s upward mobility is affected by structural and relational attributes in their high school” (Hao, 2008, pg.87). The structure involves the sector or setting and the relational attributes deal with the standards, bonds and responsibilities found at a school. Structural and relational attributes in the school can effect immigrant students by their teachers becoming uninterested or not knowing how to teach them. Some “structures” were not built and equipped to handle immigrant problems, as some relational attributes do not apply to the obstacles that immigrants already face. Migrant children face a number of obstacles when they move to a foreign country and these challenges can greatly affect students’ school performance. The result of whether or not an immigrant student goes to college is greatly concerned with the “social-class split within the immigrant population” (Jaffe-Walter & Lee, 2011, pg.281). Immigrant families who have an upper class background tend to have the resources they need to succeed in America. These families are less likely to struggle financially and are able to give their children a proper education. Upper class immigrants are more likely to be involved and aware of the problems within a school system and are willing to fight against them. Highly educated settlers have a greater opportunity to send
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