Quality procedures in life long learning Essay

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5 Understand how to apply theories and principles of learning in planning, enabling and assessing learning for 14-19-year-olds.

6 Be able to reflect and evaluate feedback to improve own practice in working with 14-19-yearolds with reference to theories and principles of learning.
2 Understand the principles of quality improvement.
3 Understand the quality improvement procedures relevantto own practice
4 Understand how to ensure that own practice meets internal andexternal quality requirements

• Students are required to analyse the important of evaluation and quality assurance, improvement procedures relevant to own practice requirements, evaluate own practice to meet internal and external quality assurance ( 3000 words)

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Therefore quality was assured. However, I have yet to be observed by another member of staff to ensure my delivery style reaches all of my students. This is something that could be identified within my CPD. All trainers must also be registered with the Institute for Learning (IfL), within their code there is an obligation for tutors to complete professional practice in the remit of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The online record will provide evidence that the tutor is coping positively with change by constantly updating their skill set, thus, the tutor shall be more productive and efficient. The expectation is that all teachers registered with the IfL shall carry out at least 30 hours a year of CPD. Being more productive and efficient can enhance a tutor’s teaching abilities and will therefore be passed onto the student. The IfL identify that ‘...we ask our members to be able to demonstrate that they remain in ‘good professional standing’ by engaging in CPD activities.’

In 1919, a report produced by the Adult Education Committee of the
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