Quan Wei Research Paper

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To delve into a piece of my family’s immigration history, I had the pleasure of having an in-depth conversation with my cousin Randall Quan, our family’s historian. In our chat, we navigated through the travels of my great-great-grandfather, Quan Wei. The hour-long discussion allowed me to learn about the dire conditions that lead to the Quan’s decision to leave a small village outside of Gau Gong and also about their rich history upon arriving in America.
In 1890, the death of Quan Wei’s father, preceded by the death of his mother, thrust the then 12-year-old boy into the role of head of the Quan household. At that time, Quan Wei lived with his older and younger sisters in a small village outside of Gau Gong, China. His younger sister raised silk worms for silk to sell and his older sister picked mulberry as feed for the silkworms. The young Quan Wei was jobless. Consequently, he and his two sisters were impoverished and subsisted on scarce food and resources. Their destitute lifestyle was brutal on their health and was exacerbated by a terrible famine that struck their small village in the mid-1890s. The conditions from the famine were so devastating that Quan Wei’s younger sister died from an illness that resulted from the long period of starvation. Quan Wei did not even have enough money to pay for a coffin in which to bury her. After the tragic loss of
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His constant pursuit and drive to better conditions for himself and his family as a merchant, storeowner and patriarch was extremely admirable, especially considering the dismal conditions from which he originated. I’m extremely grateful that my great-great-grandfather decided to immigrate to America. It is his sacrifices and struggles which have resulted in the large, loving and supportive Quan family, which I am privileged to be a part of
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