Quankeya Case Study

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R/s today when she visited the home Quankeya was laying lifeless in the bed. R/s it is unknown if/when Keyanna took Quankeya to the emergency room because she didn’t see any medical documentation. R/s Quankeya also has buries on the right of her face, the right eye is bruised. R/s Keyanna said Quankeya got bruised when she was running the hallway to come and get her. ALLEGATION R/s Quankeya’s (8) whole right leg is burnt. R/s Quankeya’s leg is wrapped from her upper thigh to the top of her knee and from the bottom of her knee straight down to her ankle is also wrapped. R/s according the child’s guardian, Keyanna, Quankeya and a smaller cousin put water in the microwave and was burn. R/s it was reported that Keyanna was in back of house when the children were putting the water in the microwave. R/s the smaller child was burned on the left side. R/s Keyanna stated that she was told to take Quankeya to the burn center, but she didn’t take the child instead she will call the Burn Center when she gets a chance. R/s Quankeya is not coherent and Keyanna said the child is on Tylenol with Codeine. R/s the fluid is seeping through the band aid. R/s five other children are in the home.…show more content…
Quankeya is in 2nd grade at Millwood Elementary School. Ms. Fox is her
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