Quantitative Analysis Cheat Sheet

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Chapter 1: Measuring the amount of substance Analytical chemistry: science of chemical measurement. Its object is the generation, treatment and evaluation of signals from which information is obtained on the composition and structure of matter Measurement: process of obtaining the magnitude of a quantity Example: The amount of saturated fat in the sample is 3 g/serving. Quantity: attribute of a phenomenon that may be distinguished qualitatively and determined quantitatively Value: magnitude of a particular quantity expressed as a unit of measured * a number Unit: particular quantity defined and adopted by convention for comparison of magni  Globalization requires comparability of measurements Metric system: Meter Convention…show more content…
e: use a bulb for drawing solutions, rinse pipets and syringes before using, remove bubbles Filtration: mechanical separation of a liquid from the undissolved particles floating in it Purpose: used in gravimetric analysis for analysis of a substance by mass of a precipitate it produced (solid collected in paper or fritted-glass filters) Drying: remove moisture from reagents, convert sample to more readily analysable form Oven drying: common for sample prep, 110 C for water removal, use loose covers to prevent contamination from dust Dessicator: cool and store reagent or sample over long periods of time (contains drying agent to absorb water from atmosphere, airtight seal) Primary standard: may be used to prepare standard solution used as reference for knowing amount of subtstance or calibrate an analytical measurement (KHP for determining NaOH) 99.9% pure or better, not decompose under ordinary storage, stable when dried by heat or vacuum (should not be a hydrate), of high molecular weight Chapter 3: Propagation of Error significant figures: minimum number of digits needed to write a given value (in sci not) without loss of accuracy zeros are simple place holders and are counted significant only if, in between, to the right of the decimal point the last significant figure in any number is the first digit with any uncertainty (minimum uncertainty is +/- 1 unit in the last significant figure) addition/subtraction (least amount of decimal points),
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