Quantitative Analysis

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Linear Programming D.V. – Decision Variables O.F. – Objective Funtion S.T. or CONST - Constraints Constrained Mathematical Model – a model with an objective and one or more constraints EXAMPLE: 50D + 30C + 6M is the total profit for a production run($50 profit for Desk, $30 profit for Chair and $6 per pound for steel) Functional Constraints - ≤ ≥ or = --Restrictions that involve expressions with 1 or more variables EXAMPLE: 7d+3c+1.5M <= 2000 (constraint on raw steel) Variable Constraints – Involve only 1 variable – Nonnegativity Constraint - X≥0 Lower Bound Constraint - X≥L(a number other than 0) Upper Bound Constraint - X≤U Interger Constraint - X=integer Binary Constraint - X=0 or 1 EXAMPLE FROM HOMEWORK 1 of Constraints…show more content…
Slope: the amount X2 increases given one unit increase of X1 Intercept: the point where the line intersects with X2 axis. Use above for Slope – great formula Redundant Constraints – if removed will not affect the feasible region Feasible Region – The set of all points that satisfy all constraints of the model HW EXAMPLE Apply Graphical analysis on the Golden Electronics
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