Quantitative And Qualitative Analysis

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This chapter defines the qualitative and quantitative analysis of Content Management System. This Chapter also explains the design of Research Methodology, its implementation and implementation tools, technologies and techniques have been used for result findings. It is also worth mentioning that I have collected data for identifying parameters and got the desired data on the basis of these parameters. This chapter begins with the definition of Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis.
Qualitative analysis is an inquiry or investigation behind the reasoning of human actions and behavior, the objective of qualitative analysis is to find the detailed description which is also complete.
We can say Qualitative analysis is a securities analysis that is composed of subjective judgment based on uncountable or unquantifiable information, such as management or human expertise, industry cycles, research strength and development, and employees’ relations. Qualitative analysis sounds to be almost "listening to your gut,” however, Qualitative analysis is not a …show more content…

Four main features of research design, which are distinct, but closely related;
• Ontology: How the researcher views the world and the assumptions that are made about the nature of the world and of reality.
• Epistemology: The assumptions which create about the finest way of investigating the world and about reality.
• Methodology: It is the way that groups together different selected research methods and techniques to make a clear and coherent picture.
• Methods and techniques: What actually to do in order to collect the required and desired data and carry out the investigations.
These principles will advise me about which methods to choose and how to investigate the things to ensure that Research work will become effective and

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