Quantitative And Qualitative

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With qualitative and quantitative most psychological researchers use both types of methods. In particular, qualitative methods are widely used as exploratory methods; then the results of qualitative analysis are used to design quantitative research. What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative research? In this essay I will go into more detail on these two forms of research looking at the definition, strengths, limitations and key features of each research method.

Qualitative research focuses on gathering of mainly verbal data rather than measurements. The gathered information is then analyzed in an interpretative or subjective manner. The primary aim of a qualitative research is to provide a complete, detailed description of the research topic. It is usually more exploratory in nature.
Qualitative research is multi method in focus, involving an interpretive,
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This allows the researcher to find issues that are often missed (such as subtleties and complexities) by the scientific, more positivistic enquiries. Qualitative descriptions can play the important role of suggesting possible relationships, causes, effects and dynamic processes. Qualitative analysis allows for ambiguities and also contradictions in the data, which is a reflection of social reality. Qualitative research uses a descriptive, narrative style, this research might be of particular benefit to the practitioner as she or he could turn to qualitative reports in order to examine forms of knowledge that might otherwise be unavailable, thereby gaining new insight. Qualitative research see’s people as individuals, attempting to gather their subjective experience of an event. This can provide a unique insider view of the research question through the qualitative approach, which is less structured than a quantitative approach, unexpected results and insights, can
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