Quantitative And Qualitative Research Methodology

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Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodology Comparison Research, as defined by Merriam Webster, is “the activity of getting information about a subject” (Research, n.d.). When looking at the research process there are two main approaches for gathering information; qualitative and quantitative approaches. The qualitative approach focuses on describing information in a deep thought provoking manner. Adversely, the quantitative approach focuses on information from a larger number of people and applies statistical techniques to recognize patterns in the data (“Organizing,” n.d.). In the educational setting, principals are the leaders of the school. Principals need to develop teachers, create a safe and productive work environment, and try to impact student achievement. Great principals search for new and inventive ways to make their school thrive. Research provides principals opportunities to better understand problems and changes in the school setting. Using research-based data, principals can help promote student and teacher success in the educational setting. Qualitative and Quantitative Research methods The article “Involving Young People in Changing Their School Environment to Make It Safer” draws upon qualitative research to explore the process of involving teachers and students in student action groups. The article draws on the qualitative process by using semi-structured interviews with a small sample of students and staff members (Fletcher, Fitzgerald-Yau,
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