Quantitative And Quantitative Methods Of Research

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3. Method

3.1 Research Approach
Although there are two types of research approaches that can be used by researchers depending on the type of research study which are qualitative or quantitative study, however, a quantitative research method will be used in order to acquire the useful information. The research design mentions to the general approach that is selected to assimilate the different mechanisms of the research in an intelligible and rational way, thus, safeguarding that it will efficiently address the study problem; it establishes the blueprint for the gathering, dimension, and examination of statistics. The collected data is then classified in research approach by means of qualitative and quantitative approach.
3.1.1 Quantitative Approach
Quantitative approach investigates the primary source of knowledge in order to develop the knowledge. It analyses the causes and thinking effect of the study in order to grasp a positivist claims over the knowledge. Moreover, it examine specific variables and hypotheses in order to test the theory to conduct further experiments and survey in order to collect data on encoded instruments such as statistical data.
3.1.2 Qualitative Research
This is the type of research design in which oral data is collected instead of dimensions. After this, the material that is gathered is evaluated in the manner that is subjective, interpretative, and diagnostic. Qualitative research design is the method in which researchers gather data
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