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Purpose for Research
This study intended to examine the effectiveness of initiatives implemented regionally, and determine if the leadership formation activities accomplished their intended purpose of successfully improving the leadership quality and the quantity of future candidates available to fill leadership positions.
Research Questions The research question deals with the issue of how to address the critical shortage of qualified candidates needed to fill school leadership positions. Formation experiences that will effectively increase both quantity and quality of potential leaders are analyzed as a possible solution to these concerns. To answer the needs three specific areas are examined, “(a) the implications of current
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The participants of clearly the individuals from three separate cohorts, however the researchers do no specify if all individuals in each of the three cohorts are sampled or if only a portion of them participated in the research. This is an important issue that needs to be addressed by the researchers, although the number and sex of participants from each cohort is reported, the differences in sampling selections could present a significant difference in the conclusions obtained from the research data.
Type and Methodology of Research Both quantitative and qualitative methods were used in this research. Six separate quantitative measures were used to identify the effectiveness of the leadership formation experiences offered by leadership academies. Kirkpatrick’s model of evaluation of training was selected to categorize the measures into a four-level framework to ensure that the study used a comprehensive evaluation method. Qualitative data was collected from the narrative portions on the reaction surveys, written summaries of leadership potential as assessed by superintendents and mentors, academy experiences, and journals kept by the academy participants. In regards to the selection of research instruments, there were major reliability and validity issues with several measures. The researches used a Participant Reaction Survey, Superintendents and Mentors Reaction Survey, Evaluation Measures for Role-Plays, Evaluation Measures for In-basket
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