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Quantitative Research Critique: Responsibilities of Public School Nurses
Grand Canyon University: NRS433V

Quantitative Research Critique: Responsibilities of Public School Nurses
Nursing has many roles, allowing for a diverse field to choose from upon graduation. One of those choices is the responsibility of a school nurse and consequently that of the entire population of the public school for which he/she works. School Nurses in New Jersey: A Quantitative Inquiry on Roles and Responsibilities by Cheryl A. Krause-Parello and Kimika Samms will show how those responsibilities have grown as it seeks to further previous research. Disease processes for children have grown more complicated; those children with chronic conditions are more
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chronic diseases present and nursing procedures administered in school) could be a question.

Hypothesis/Hypotheses Since the steady increase of students with chronic illnesses in public schools, there has been an increase in the roles and responsibilities of school nurses (Krause-Parello & Kimika, 2010). This study looks to build upon other studies, but as well, it does look to prove this.
Study Variables The independent variables in this study are the nurses. With the study design being non-experimental, however, no manipulation takes place. The research is only being replicated exactly as it was and so we would not expect to see any dependent study variables (Burns & Grove, 2011).
Conceptual Model/Theoretical Framework Betty Neuman’s conceptual model of nursing is concerned with the person as a whole and stresses prevention. She brought us primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention (Nursing Theories, 2011). It is noted through the study of the “health promotion/disease prevention activities” that the schools of New Jersey are required to have a wellness plan and that the nurses agree to the importance of prevention of disease by early health screening (Krause-Parello & Kimika, 2010).
Review of Related Literature Through the literature review, it became apparent that over the past few years the roles and responsibilities of nurses has increased even further; this study sought to bring that research current and encourage school nurses
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