Quantitative Critique of the Article on Continuous Handrail Support

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Quantitative Critique The title of the article, Continuous handrail support, oxygen uptake, and heart rate in women during submaximal step treadmill exercise, clearly provides information as to the exact issues that will be measured in the study itself. Some titles can be misleading, but the article addressed here provided clarity on issues that could be quantified. That is a very important step, because having a clear and readily understood title on an article makes that article easier to read and more likely to be used for its intended purpose. Articles with titles that are not clear are often overlooked by others who are doing research into a particular area of study, because the title of the article does not provide the reader with enough of an understanding to make a determination as to whether that article would be beneficial. While that is not always the case, it happens quite frequently and can be avoided. The abstract for the article is very clear and direct, and provides a large amount of information for the reader. The problem is also clearly stated, which is vital to really gaining an understanding of the study. With this particular article, the issue is that there is a lower heart rate seen and less oxygen used when women who are using a step treadmill use handrail support (Christman, et al, 2000). This makes the exercise easier, but it also lowers the optimization for that exercise (Christman, et al, 2000; Holland, et al, 1990). In other words, the women

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