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Analysis of a Quantitative Research Report
This paper analyzes a quantitative research report selected because it focuses on enhancing patient education by attention to patient perceptions of the nurse educator. “Quantitative research is the formal, objective, systematic process used to describe variables, test relationships between them, and examine cause and effect interactions among variables” (Burns & Grove, 2007, p. 530). The report being analyzed is titled, “Nurses’ Body Size and Public Confidence in Ability to Provide Health Education” (Hicks, Rouhana, Schmidt, Seymour, & Sullivan, 2008). It replicates a 2006 original study by Wells, Lever, and Austin, listed among its references.
Problem Statement
Burns and Grove (2007) describe
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The dependent variable is confidence, the response to be measured after a respondent views an image.
Conceptual Model\Theoretical Framework
Burns and Grove (2007) define conceptual model as a "set of highly abstract, related constructs that broadly explains phenomena of interest, expresses assumptions, and reflects a philosophical stance" (p. 534). In this study, the conceptual model is provided by the original study and is couched in literature about the impact of obesity on health and social interactions. The model suggests that a patient’s success in following diet and exercise recommendations is related to his or her confidence in the individual delivering diet and exercise information, which is influenced by weight of the educator (Hicks, 2008, p. 352).
Review of Related Literature
Burns and Grove (2007) define literature review as a "summary of current theoretical and empirical sources to generate a picture of what is known or not known about a particular problem" (p. 533). In this report, researchers purposefully summarized literature on various aspects of obesity to develop the research question and support problem significance. They broadly described the obesity epidemic and associated health concerns, then specified the impact on nurses. "In a recent survey of 760 nurses, Miller, Alpert, and Cross found (as cited in Hicks, 2008) that 54% were over-weight or obese,

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