Quantitative Research Article Critique : ' Acute Delirium '

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Quantitative Research Article Critique
According to Mc Donnell & Timmons (2012), “Acute delirium is a preventable, treatment, disorder of consciousness and cognition that commonly presents across many healthcare settings, including older care facilitates, medical and surgical ward, intensive care units and children’s ward”(p.2488). In their article, A quantitative exploration of the subjective burden experienced by nurses when caring for patients with delirium, Mc Donnell and Timmins outline a descriptive study. Even though prevention and treatments are well recognized, dealing with delirium can be very difficult. The purpose of this study is to examine the subjective burden nurses experience when caring for patients with delirium and to identify the individual aspects of delirium that nurses find most difficult to deal with. In the introduction of the article, the authors argue that beyond qualitative studies there is insufficient practical research on the impact and burden of delirium on nurses in practice (Mc Donnell & Timmins, 2012). This argument outlines the premise behind the research. It is not a research question, but a statement of belief upon which they draw in framing the purpose and focus of their research. The authors articulate their recognition of the fact that many researchers have only focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention for delirium. In addition, they also recognized that nurses often lack knowledge and understanding
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