Quantitative Research: Challenges and Benefits

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Research Challenges and Benefits Claims in a magazine or newspaper that cannot be substantiated always raise curiosity. What runs in the mind is that the writer may have done his or her research but did not find the full information that was needed to substantiate it or more research should be carried out to identify the truth of the matter. Such claim should be thoroughly researched so that the correct information is passed to the people. In doing so a person can use the following research approach:- Quantitative research; is commonly linked with the positivist paradigm. This always includes collecting as well as converting data into numerical form to allow statistical calculations to be made and drawing conclusions. A researcher can use a single or various hypotheses. They include questions that are to be addressed while predicting there possible relationships between what they are supposed to investigate; in other term variables. For answers to be found various instruments and materials such as observation check lists, paper or computer tests among others will be needed, as well as a clearly defined action plan. Qualitative research is another way of approaching research. It is associated with social constructivist paradigm that affirms the usual constructed nature of reality. This entails recording, analyzing and trying to reveal the inner meaning and significance of human experience and behavior, as well as contradictory emotions, behaviors, and beliefs. Usually
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