Quantitative Research Chapter 3

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3.1 Research Approach
There are two research approaches that researchers have to consider in conducting a research. Those are quantitative and qualitative research. While both approaches become standards for conducting a research, both approaches have major differences in answering research questions and gathering the valid data.
Quantitative research can be described as an approach to which it explains a phenomenon expressed in numerical data and analyzed by using mathematically-based statistical tools (Aliaga and Gunderson, 2000). As a conclusive research, quantitative research emphasizes what are the causes of the phenomenon, assuming people to have fixed factors to which it causes a phenomenon. Moreover, quantitative approach is more limited, emphasized only on measuring the quantity of phenomenon instead of describing it. Thus, quantitative research has less statistical tools compare to qualitative research. However, it has several advantages such as more time and cost saving.
Regarding to this research, the author decides to use quantitative research in conducting a research. The reason why the author chooses quantitative research is because this research is more emphasized on what considerations that people make in buying an automobile. Moreover, the author assumes that people
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In this research, the author will be gathering two forms of data. First being primary data which refers to form of data that is collected by the author itself. The primary data on this research refers to questionnaire which will be given to participants. On the other hand, secondary data refers to collection of data that has been collected by others. The secondary data refers to scientific literature such as books and journals in order to help the author to observe the problem on this
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