Quantitative Research : Data Collection

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Quantitative research involves the collection and converting of data in numerical form to enable statistical calculations be made and conclusions drawn. It provides a measure of how people think, feel or behave and uses the statistical analysis to determine the results. However, this measurement result in numbers, or data, being collected, which is then analyzed by using quantitative research methods (Byrne, 2007). In quantitative research, data collection involves the gathering of information. There are different types of data collection: personal interviewing, telephone, mail and internet. These methods can be separated or combined. However, this paper will restate the previous week research problem, purpose, and research questions. Based on the analysis of the ways in collecting data, a quantitative data collection method would be discussed and also describe how it would be used in this hypothetical study and as well justify why this data collection method is the best choice. Other things to be discussed in this paper are: justification of this study sample and population, population, potential limitations with the chosen data collection and the steps taken ahead to avoid these limitations, analysis of strengths and weaknesses seen in the research design, data collection and sample and ethical issues to consider with quantitative data collection methods.
Problem Statement Organizational conflict arises when an individual or group perceives a threat to
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