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Running head: QUANITATIVE RESEARCH REPORT Quantitative Research Report M. Ellen Kingsley Grand Canyon University NRS-433V May 06, 2011 The Quantitative Research that this student chose is titled; Interventions to Promote Physical Activity in Chronically Ill Adults. Physical activity in chronically ill adults is a topic that is very important to study, people, in general, do not realize the importance of exercise and if there is proof that exercise is beneficial to people with long term illnesses then maybe, by nurses, the patients can be persuaded to be involved in more exercise which would improve their health and quality of life, including improving their illnesses without more medications. Nurses provide a lot of client…show more content…
This article used Meta-analysis as a means of quantitatively synthesizing findings across many research studies. This is inclusive of findings of 163 reports of different studies. The study design is meta-analysis. This brings findings from many studies and brings them together into one. This allows nurses and educators the ability to look at one study and see many different results and to learn many different things that could be passed on to the clients that they serve, including not only the amount and intensity of exercise, but also the way to implement education of clients that would be the most effective. Sampling and setting is different for each study and when this kind of article is written about many studies, the samples vary with each study, as does the target population. This does allow nurses to see many different studies in one. This article has different levels of findings, and clearly states each level and the effects of different exercises and intensity of exercises. There were many interventions used and studies and interventions that consisted of cognitive strategies were less effective than other interventions. This had no effect on the success of promoting physical activity. The limitations included the number and range of primary intervention trials that were reported. Many trials that are done are not reported at all or are reported in very small venues. There
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