Quantitative Research Vs. Qualitative Research

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As one of the summer modules called research skill, it is required to do research about the topic which is chosen by student’s interests. In this module, it is aimed to learn how to take place the effective research to help student’s academic performance and knowledge. There are two types of things which are required to do, one is interview and the other is questionnaire. When it comes to start the research, there are two types of research, one is qualitative research and the other is quantitative research. Although qualitative research is required for this time, it is a good idea to know the differences between quantitate and qualitative. First of all, the definition of qualitative research is research strategy that usually emphasizes words rather than quantification in the collection and analysis of data. (Bryman 2008a: 366) According to Ranjit Kumar (2014), underpinning philosophy of each approach is rationalism for quantitative research and empiricism for qualitative research. The way of approach is structured, rigid, predetermined methodology are for quantitative research and unstructured, flexible and open methodology are for qualitative research. The main purpose of investigation is quantifying the extent of variation in a phenomenon, situation issue etc., and for qualitative research is describing variation in a phenomenon, situation, issue etc. The measurement of variables is Emphasising on some form of either measurement or classification of variables for
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