Quantitative Reserch Study

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Running head: QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH STUDY Quantitative Research Study Knowledge Pressure Ulcer Prevention among Nursing Professionals Jeamol Joseph Grand Canyon University NRS-433= Introduction to Nursing Research 24 July, 2011 Quantitative Research Study Nursing research is a process which helps to improve the patient outcomes through a thorough analysis of data collected and making new contributions to the healthcare field. Evidence based nursing is the process by which nurses make clinical decisions using the best available. In quantitative studies researchers identify the problem and collect relevant data from subjects. The researchers plan in advance the steps to be taken and collect data in numerical form. In…show more content…
All participants signed the free and informed consent form. The study was conducted and data were collected from January to March. The data were collected by a validated questionnaire. The test was conducted individually during work hours. The data analysis considered the two professional groups such as nurse and auxiliaries. Student’s t-test for two independent samples was applied. Results Research participants were 386 nursing members with nursing technicians and auxiliaries. Both professional groups displayed knowledge deficits in pressure ulcer prevention recommendations. The nurses scored in the test 79.4% and auxiliaries and technicians scored 73.6%.Participants were expected to get 90% above for the test. These data of study verified that members of nursing team lack knowledge deficits with pressure ulcer prevention guidelines. Patients get pressure ulcers due to many reasons. Age, poor mobility, poor diet and altered elimination are important factors. Uneven pressure crated by wrinkled bed sheets and creases can increase the chances for developing new pressure sore for elderly patients. The article describes different study conducted on same theme results were scored by nursing team was below 80%. Implication for practice and Research Educational programs can have positive effects on pressure.
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