Quantitative Techniques in Statistics

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Memo-Quantitative Techniques/Statistics The plant opening is only a few months away and the Board of Directors for ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc. is interested in learning more about what you recommend for plant productivity analysis. Specifically, the board members want you to identify and describe the tools and techniques that are available that will help the plant's executive team better conduct statistical analyses for plant productivity evaluation. Be sure to define the management information systems in-place that will provide the productivity data required. What quantitative research techniques/statistics would you recommend for ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc.? What information would you expect the statistics to provide for ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc.? Analyze research quantitative techniques, business statistics, and data evaluation techniques. ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc. will certainly be helped by using quantitative statistics to help it analyze its plant productivity. Research has consistently found that the most successful business are inevitably those that use statistical research to evaluate possible success of their products, to predict the future of their market place (which includes both their client's desires and external and internal environmental conditions), and the state of their competition. Statistical tests are also conducted for probability to see whether one product is more likely to be attractive, cheaper and so forth than another, as well as to test
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