Quantitative and Qualitative Article Analysis Essay

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Abstract In this paper I will analyze two articles, one is quantitative and the other is qualitative. I will describe the quantitative methods used including the research question addressed, the hypothesis, and variables. I will identify the population and sample. I will discuss the reliability and validity of the instruments used. I will then discuss the design of the article and how the findings were analyzed. For the qualitative article, I will identify the design of the article, the methods used and the strategies used for analyzing the data. Lastly, I will look at the implications for practice in the qualitative article, discuss other journals that might be interested in publishing the article and discuss how this article might…show more content…
A review of literature was done and then based on the research; a survey was conducted to find out what factors contribute to classroom teachers’ use of computers in instruction. Two previously tested instruments that were used in large scale surveys were used to develop this survey. Validity and reliability were established through the piloting procedures of Tailored Design Method (Franklin, 2007). A modified pilot study or pretest was done by experts in education, research, and technology. According to Lodico, Spaulding, and Voegtle (2010) any survey should be pilot tested with a small group that was similar to the actual participants. The quantitative design used was correlation. This study was a prediction study. The criterion variable was how much and in what ways teachers used computers. The predictor variables were the factors of leadership, time, and access and availability (Franklin, 2007). A five step process was used to collect the data. There were four contacts by first class mail and the final contact was made by priority mail. According to the article, inferential and descriptive statistics were used in this study. Data was put into a statistical software program where the frequencies, percentages, means, and standard deviations for each survey question were computed and then reported in tables. Multiple correlations were computed and tested for significance (Franklin, 2007). According to the article, the relationship
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