Quantum Leadership Vs. Leader Member Exchange Theory

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Quantum Leadership vs. Leader-Member Exchange Theory Leadership is the ability to guide and inspire others to create a positive vision in prospects of enhancing an organization. Most leadership styles seek to understand the needs of followers and to motivate them to succeed. The evaluation of different leadership theories provides adequate insight into what makes a leader successful, so it’s important to analyze the traditional and new age leadership styles prior to application. Within the subsequent analysis, contains a comprehensive depiction of the Quantum Leadership theory, the Leader-Member Exchange theory, a comparison of the two styles, and a personal conflict scenario with the application of Quantum Leadership.
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This theory supports transformation and promotes horizontal relationships amongst leaders and followers to better reveal varying perspectives and areas within the system requiring restoration. However, such vulnerable collaboration can allow for conflict amongst systems. The QLT supports the concept of forming relationships during informal and formal organizations, which could be a strength and a limitation (Malloch & Porter-O’Grady, 2009). An informal gathering, for example during lunchtime or personal time, can aid in terms of gaining raw insight of other’s visions, however this can also allow for conflict amongst followers. Opportunity is dependent upon uncertainty, so this can positively induce creative thinking in those possessing leadership qualities (Malloch & Porter-O’Grady, 2009). On the other hand, this type of freedom can be a limitation and allow for decreased productivity in those lacking quality work ethic. QLT promotes continuous energy and exchange of information within organizations, so this could be a potential disadvantage for introverted leaders. Due to the flexibility of this form of leadership, it seems unrealistic in terms of producing time sensitive results, however the implementation of the QLT would allow for less potential burn out in the workplace.
Leader-Member Exchange Theory Moreover, the
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