Quantum Neural Network Essay

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Chapter 1 Quantum Neural Network 1.1 Introduction and Background The eld of arti cial neural networks (ANNs) draws its inspiration from the working of human brain and the way brain processes information. An ANN is a directed graph with highly interconnected nodes called neurons.Each edge of the graph has a weight associated with it to model the synaptic eciency. The training process involves updating the weights of the network in such a way that the network learns to solve the problem. The neurons in the network work together to solve speci c problems. The network can be trained to do various tasks like pattern recognition, data classi cation,function approximation etc. ANNs are widely used in the elds of computer vision…show more content…
This has been demonstrated by many quantum 1.2. QUANTUM MECHANICS AND ANN 3 Figure 1.2: Quantum analogies for di erent concepts of arti cial neural networks algorithms such as Grover's search algorithm, Shor's factorisation algorithm etc. We can use this property and our knowledge of classical neural net- works to create a new computing paradigm called quantum neural networks (QNNs). There are many ways of using building a QNN. Figure 1.2 has been taken from [2], which shows various approaches to achieving For the purpose of this chapter will will consider only the Menneer and Narayanan model. This model is based on the parallel universe interpreta- tion of Quantum mechanics. 1.2.1 The parallel universe interpretation The parallel universe interpretation or the many world interpretation of quantum mechanics was proposed by Hugh Everett in the year 1957 [3]. 4 CHAPTER 1. QUANTUM NEURAL NETWORK It says that there exists an in nite number of coexisting universes and each possible outcome of an event occurs in a parallel universe. According to the theory superposition states of a wavefunction lies in di erent universes and the quantum system interacts with itself in di erent universes. Any act of measurement sees the state only in one universe. This interpretation can help in better understanding of the eld of quan- tum information. 1.3 Quantum Neural Network We will try to
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