Quantum Physics : Quantum Computing

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Quantum Computing Less than 100 years ago, beginnings of the “new quantum theory” began. Only about 55 years after the new quantum theory began to emerge the idea that quantum phenomena can be used to perform computations. The idea being for a quantum computer was that classical computers would take an extremely long time to perform huge calculations, when a simple quantum system perform these same calculations all the time. One property that quantum computers have been observed to have was the ability to solve exponential growth problems without using the exponential growth in the time taken to complete the computation. This observation represents a characteristic named quantum parallelism. When an input is submitted in a classical computer the same outcome will always be computed. For a quantum computer there will be many different outputs from just one single input submission. This is because the quantum computer will compute all possible outcomes for that input simultaneously. A quantum computer is similar to a computer, but uses the principles of quantum physics to increase the power of the system beyond what a traditional computer can compute. A traditional computer functions by storing data in a binary format, using “bits” that encode with either a 0 or a 1. On the other hand, a quantum computer will use quantum bits that will encode both the 0 and the 1. The main difference is the 0 and 1 will encode into two distinguishable quantum states. The quantum computer

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