Quantum Teleportation And Its Effect On Human Life

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Since 1993, when the concept was first introduced by Bennett et al., numerous attempt have been made to practically implement Quantum teleportation. Quantum teleportation was first demonstrated with entangled photons[11] in 1997. Later, various developments have been achieved in laboratory, including the demonstration of entanglement swapping[12], open destination teleportation[13] and teleportation of two bit composite system[14]. Entanglement distribution has been shown with fiber links[15–18]. In addition, “practical” quantum teleportation have been realized via fiber links[19, 20] and limited to a distance of about one kilometer. Experiments have achieved free space distribution of entangled photon pairs over distances of 600 m[21] and 13 km[22]. Later, entangled photons were transmitted over 144 km[23, 24]. In these experiments, either only one photon was transmitted[23] or the entangled photon pair was transferred together[24] using only a one-link channel. Most recently, following a modified scheme[25], quantum teleportation over a 16 km free-space links was demonstrated[26] with a single pair of entangled photons. However in this experiment, the unknown quantum state must be prepared on one of the resource entangled qubits and therefore cannot be presented independently.

Quantum cryptography, specifically Quantum key distribution is one important field where quantum teleportation can be practically applied to provide completely secure information exchange between

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